Patagonia vs Colombia: which brand is better? | free geographic (2023)

Patagonia vs Colombia: which brand is better? | free geographic (1)

With winter slowly waning and outdoor enthusiasts starting to look for spring clothes to take on hikes and adventures, it's a great time to take a look at two renowned brands that are popular with those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Patagonia and Colombiaare two well-known American outdoor brands that design high-quality technical clothing and equipment that guarantee safe and comfortable times in difficult conditions.

We have extensively describedColombiaon some of our past selections and reviews, and we've reviewed them tooPatagonia. Both brands also grewagainst the north face HereEUHerein comparisons of previous brands.

It's time to see todayHow do these two brands compare?and which one is better. Without further ado, let's get started.


  • 1. Patagonia
  • 2. Colombia
  • 3. Which is better?

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1. Patagonia

A brief history of the brand

Founded in California in 1973,Patagoniais one of the most beloved brands in the outdoor sports community.

It was originally part of a climbing equipment company, which later split and one of its new divisions was Patagonia, an outdoor clothing brand.

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As mentioned in other comparisons, Patagonia has made great efforts to reduce its environmental impact, making it a popular choice not only for the quality of its products, but also for its ethics.

Why waste it? | powder bowl

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Materials and production

As a brand with a strong interest in sustainability and environmental protection, it should come as no surprise that Patagoniathe materials are mostly recycled.

This includes most of the fabrics the brand uses in its clothing. As for the remaining non-recyclable materials, they are of ethical and sustainable origin, guaranteeing the minimum impact on nature and the humane treatment of animals.

Although, like many other big brands, Patagonia benefits fromGore-Tex Technologyfor some of its high-performance products, it mainly depends onH2No technologywhich was developed by the brand itself.

We've seen this technology before, and it's actuallyone ofthe closest Gore-Tex alternativesdue to its high quality and efficiency.

Patagonia vs Colombia: which brand is better? | free geographic (2)

Most waterproof clothing is backed byDWR productsthat help them repel water. Often these products contain PFCs which are very harmful to the environment.

For this reason, Patagonia decided to take advantage ofDeluge® DWR Coating, which is a more durable product with a much lower environmental impact.

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With regard toProductionPatagonia jackets and other products are among the best in terms of quality.

Due to the fact that jackets made with H2No technology are subject to, for example,24 Killer wash test process, which rigorously tests fabrics for waterproofness and durability in extreme simulations, only final products that survive these tests are released onto the market.

Thanks to this, regardless of difficult weather conditions, your clothes will work perfectly.

H2No® Our test standard for waterproofness and breathability

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popular products

To be fair, we will choose a popular jacket design from each brand that is comparable to each other.

For Patagonia we choosenano puff jacket for men(check on

It is a jacket made of 100% recycled materialPolyesterand isolatedIsolamento PrimaLoft Gold Eco, Asynthetic insulationwhich is mainly obtained by recycling.

It's a hooded model with elastic cuffs and an adjustable hem. It is a lightweight jacket that fits in its own pocket and is suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.

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Patagonia is a top-notch brand, which is also reflected in the prices of its products. The Nano Puff jacket above costs over $200 and is a good representative of the average Patagonian jacket.

Are these jackets worth the price?

Yes. That is, if you have the money to spare and are really looking for a jacket that lasts for several seasons and lives up to expectations.

We have an article on this that offers morean in-depth look at why Patagonia is an expensive brand.

2. Colombia

A brief history of the brand

Founded in 1938,Colombiastarted out as a hat company and remains a family business, now run by Tim Boyle, nephew of Columbia's founders.

Columbia is a popular brand because it offers a wide range of prices, making it affordable for everyone.

You don't have to spend your entire paycheck on a Columbia product, although understandably some products cost a bit.

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Patagonia vs Colombia: which brand is better? | free geographic (3)

Materials and production

Like Patagonia, Colombia has also made great stridesreduce your environmental impactand nearly 80% of the polyester is recycled, and the down insulation is RDS certified.

fabric technologyare also part of the developed brand products, which include, for exampleOmni-Techrange of fabric technologyis available in many options. belongs to themOmni-Tech,Omni-or,omni-shadowEUOmni-freeze.

OOutDry Technologyit is also part of some of the brand's products, which resulted from Columbia's collaboration with OutDry.

In addition to fabric technology, Columbia has also developed a number of special insulations that they primarily use in their jackets. These areTurboDownEUOmni-warm reflector.

TurboDown is a combination of down technology and Omni-Heat, which results in a product with high insulation, while Omni-Heat Reflective is a technology capable of reflecting body heat thanks to the silver dots placed on the fabric.

As for the useDWR productsColumbia also opted for less harmful DWR coatings made from short-chain PFCs.

Lastly, we would like to refer you to the video linked belowmeasures taken by Columbia to ensure the good performance of its products:

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popular products

The jacket we chose as a counterpart to the Patagonia Nano Puff jacket isCasaco Crested Butte II(check on, which is made from 100% ripstopnylonshells and lined with 100% polyesterMicrotex Omni-Heat reflective light.

It is an insulated jacket weighing 80gOmni-Heat thermal insulation, which is 100% polyester and makes this jacket suitable for cold and mild temperatures.

It has elastic cuffs and a high collar without a hood. The Crested Butte II is a lightweight, compact jacket and a great choice for outdoor activities.

Patagonia vs Colombia: which brand is better? | free geographic (4)



As we mentioned earlier, Colombia ischeap brandin general, because it offers a variety of products at very affordable prices. The jacket above costs around $100, which is almost half the price of the Patagonia jacket.

Are these jackets worth the price?

If we were guided by reviews and opinions on the Internet, it would depend on the chosen product. Some products perform better while others perform at their price level.

This means that if you're looking for an affordable product that doubles as a high-performance technical jacket, you might want to adjust your expectations.

Overall, Columbia's products do not disappoint.

3. Which is better?

Patagonia vs Colombia: which brand is better? | free geographic (5)

We're not going to beat around the bush here. Overall, Patagonia jackets are of a higher quality in terms of construction and performance.

However, the price may not suit everyone and Columbia is not a brand that can be dismissed. Their products are generally durable, and those made to heat work very well.

We've seen some of these products in some of our previous selections and reviews and have been extremely impressed with them.

In short, Patagonia has the upper hand when it comes to more technical wear, while Columbia offers good insulation options and much more affordable prices.


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