Patagonia Powder Bowl Pants Review: Pros and Cons (2023) (2023)

this is my reviewPatagonia powder bowlPants. In my opinion, this is the best option for every skier.

These ski pants offer versatility and performance in every aspect and stand out for their performance, comfort and durability. They are also backed by a well-known brand and are a durable and reliable option. These pants come highly recommended because they are some of the best you can find.

Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of these ski pants, who they're best for, and other similar alternatives to consider.


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quick summary

Ski pants do not discriminate or care about your abilities. This makes the Powder Bowl a great choice for skiers of all levels. Efficiency and comfort translate to every skier.

You can check the repair policy details on their website. They will usually fix your pants for free if you rip them and replace them if they can't be fixed and it's a manufacturing defect.

They are not. Despite this, they still provide plenty of warmth thanks to the two-layer GORE-TEX construction.

why do you trust me

I've been skiing almost as long as I can walk. I've skied all over the world and have decades of experience riding, testing and overhauling various skis and ski equipment. I've worn the Patagonia Powder Bowl Pants for several ski seasons and have experience testing them in a variety of conditions. Below is my detailed review.

Detailed review of the Patagonia Powder Bowl Pants

The Patagonia Powder Bowl Pants are perfect for skiers of all levels. They offer superior performance and are comfortable without being too thin. These pants fit great and come from one of the biggest brands in winter clothing. They will keep you warm, dry and allow you to ski as much as you like.

snow performance

The Powder Bowl Pants were created for spending time outdoors in the snow. I've never encountered a situation where these pants didn't work, and I've been impressed with how well they perform in all weather conditions. They kept me dry on really cold days. When it warmed up, I opened the vents and kept cool. Its versatility is unmatched. This is what you expect from ski pants.

These pants also do well when it comes to durability. I like to ski hard and strong, which means I will destroy my ski gear. The Powder Bowl Pants were able to hold up and still function. I put some branches on the thighs of the trees, which I thought might have ripped them off, but they were holding up well. I flooded the hard backpack quite a bit and expected at least scratches on the knees or seat. However, I didn't.

If there's one situation in the snow where I wouldn't recommend these pants, it's this one.hinterlandtourism. I don't think they are breathable enough in this situation. If you're cold and not overheating, this might not be a problem. However, even when I went out for modest walks in cold weather, these pants felt warmer and a little stiff. It's small, but it's there.

Resistance to heat and weather

Patagonia makes great clothes, and most of them have warmth and weather resistance in mind. These pants are no exception. They meet and exceed the standards the brand has built up over the years to keep you warm and dry no matter what conditions you face while skiing. When I ski intensely, I sweat, so I dare say they might be a little too hot.

The Powder Bowl Pants are made from 150 denier recycled polyester with a DWR finishWATERPROOF FABRIC2 layer membrane. This makes the pants extremely waterproof and windproof. They provide reliable protection from the elements you can count on for years of constant use. Even in extremely wet conditions, the pants will keep you comfortable thanks to an impressive 28,000 mm of water resistance.

The pants are not insulated, but I still find them extremely warm. I don't like the base layer either. The layered design and effective weather protection allow you to insulate the bottom half without additional material. If you feel cold, you'll want to throw on a top layer, but most skiers will find that these pants provide plenty of warmth even without the extra insulation.

fit and functionality

These pants are comfortable and move with you through every curve, notch, and snow-packed stride. They are not restrictive and allow great freedom of movement. They have a slightly fitted cut that looks great and hit the perfect spot: not too tight and not too loose.

The legs are a little tight around the boots, so if you have a thicker seat belt or comfort-oriented boots, make sure the pants are tight enough to ensure they don't bulge out and let in snow. on each leg that provide extra airflow on warmer days or while hiking.

The pants have four main pockets that offer enough space to store a few extras, be it gear or general snacks. The hand warmer pockets are lined with fleece and the two cargo pockets on the thighs are zipped to keep you dry and secure. The pants also feature an elasticated waistband for a comfortable fit and a back strap that attaches to the Patagonia Jacket if you need extra protection from the snow.

Other notable features include gaiters to help keep the snow at bay on a snowy day, RECCO avalanche reflectors for extra safety, and scratch guards on the inside of the legs for added strength. They are well designed and fit like a dream.

price and value

These pants are less expensive than other high-quality products and, due to their high levels of performance and comfort, are an excellent value. They are notbudgetoption, but they will not cost as much as skis and boots, as is often the case with other high-quality ski pants. Durable durability and a trusted brand also add overall value.

What I like

The Powder Bowl Pants have a lot to offer. The various performance features are outstanding and you can expect excellent heat and weather protection no matter where or how you like to ski. They really can do anything and should be the only ski pants you'll ever need. On very cold days, remember to layer. Also, you can place the powder cups and be ready for anything.

The pants are also extremely comfortable. There are no noticeable movement restrictions or suspensions and they fit perfectly. If you like baggy or tight pants, these are more in-between. However, for most skiers, it's the perfect fit. The adjustable waist straps are also a handy feature to help you achieve a precise fit with comfort and functionality in mind.

I also like the durability of the Powder Bowl. You don't have to worry about them ripping or tearing. Even in the unlikely chance that you hit a pothole, Patagonia has a great repair system that's easy and lets you fix your pants so you can be on the road again in no time.

What I do not like

There's not much to not like here, but I wouldn't recommend it as a backcountry option. Although they have ventilation holes built into the legs, they are not extremely breathable. I actually noticed that they fogged up a bit when I was working hard on the climbs. They'll certainly work in those situations if you're not prone to overheating, but I like something that's a little more breathable when I'm out in the field.

The only other real downside is the lower legs. They're a little narrow, which means they can slip in your shoes if they're not pulled up all the way. If this happens, it will limit the effectiveness of the built-in alligators. It can also cause extra chafing and chafing, but there's reinforced material on the bottom to help prevent that.


If you're looking for an option other than the Patagonia Powder Bowl pants, check out these other high-quality alternatives.

  • Snowshot Patagonia pants- It's a cheaper Patagonian option that still offers plenty of warmth and weather resistance. They're a little less durable, but they're still covered under Patagonia's repair policy for your peace of mind. They have a slightly narrower cut than the Powder Bowl, but are quite similar in form and function.
  • Arc'teryx Saber AR Pants- This is a high quality ski pants set that will satisfy the needs of any serious skier. Built to last and extremely waterproof, the Saber (analysis) are some of the best ski pants on the market. However, they are extremely expensive and you will pay a high price for superior performance. They're just as durable, effective, and comfortable as the PowSlayer, and they look a little cooler too.
  • North Face Freedom Insulated Snow Pants“These are more economical options that still offer high-quality finishing and comfort. They're also insulated, which means they could be a little warmer, but they're not built with as many high-quality, weather-resistant materials as the other options here. They are a good choice for beginner skiers who want to stay warm and comfortable.

the final verdict

OPatagonia powder bowlpants are some of the best ski pants you can find. They will provide you with solid protection against wind and snow, and the excellent construction will serve you through many seasons of non-stop skiing. It also means that the pants are durable and impact resistant. They're a little pricey, but if you can afford a pair, you're sure to enjoy the combination of performance and comfort.


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