How much does a haircut cost? Advice pricing guide (2023)

According to our stylists' pricing data, the average cost of a haircut ranges from $10 to $90. But as most of us know, haircut prices vary and can go up or down. much more than average. How much does a haircut costof coursecost?

Factors such as the stylist's experience and location can affect prices. For example, getting a haircut from an experienced barber in New York City will likely cost more than getting a haircut from a student barber in Savannah, Georgia.

Still, it's not easy to tell if you're overpaying for a haircut. We pull out pricing data for each state, along with some tips to help you make the best decision whenbooking your next haircut.

Prices of men's haircuts by state

Men's haircuts are generally cheaper than women's haircuts. Delaware offers the most expensive discounts at $42, while West Virginia averages $15. While men's haircuts are cheaper, we saw customers booking these appointments more often than women's haircuts. This is not surprising, as to keep the length shorter you have to cut it more often.

Below averagehow much does a men's haircut costapplications in each state.

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Women's haircut prices by state

The women's cut is usually more expensive than the men's cut because the hair tends to be longer and requires a longer visit. Women's haircuts average $93 in California and $17 in Wyoming.

Below is the average cost of hairdresser visits for women by state.

How much does a haircut cost? Advice pricing guide (2)
CountryAverage cost per meeting
CaliforniaUS$ 93
new YorkUS$ 87
TCUS$ 85
OFUS$ 83
ofUS$ 75
CCUS$ 75
SDUS$ 75
New JerseyUS$ 69
Texas$ 67
LUB$ 67
New MexicoUS$ 66
ZUS$ 65
CUS$ 64
ILUS$ 63
Florida62 $
VAUS$ 61
doctorUS$ 60
MIUS$ 59
NVUS$ 59
OHUS$ 58
GAUS$ 58
UtUS$ 58
MinnesotaUS$ 58
SCUS$ 57
MOUS$ 56
KSUS$ 56
NCUS$ 55
kneeUS$ 54
TVUS$ 54
TNUS$ 53
KYUS$ 52
OKUS$ 52
NOUS$ 48
EUS$ 47
NHUS$ 47
WIUS$ 46
I A44 $
SM44 $
WVUS$ 43
MTUS$ 36
WYUS$ 17
EUNo data

Why is a haircut so expensive?

Haircut costs take many factors into account, including experience, rent, and utilities. Overall, a person with very long hair who wants an asymmetrical cut with bangs can expect a lot more than a person with shoulder length hair who just wants an undercut.

Below are some common factors that can determine the final price of a haircut, along with expenses stylists must cover:

  • Experience,such as years of work in the industry and special training
  • Rentand toolscan affect costs depending on agreements with salon and stylist
  • Locationfactors such as cost of living and competition in your area
  • Popularity, especially if your stylist has openings all the time
  • Mandatory licensingit's safecosts that may vary by location
  • hair length,because it extends the meeting time
  • Complexitythe final look you want, along with the skills needed to make it
  • Tools and materialstogether with the maintenance and hygiene of each one of them
  • additional serviceslike shampoo and more complex styles

This is not an exhaustive list and not every stylist uses these factors.fixed prices. Therefore, prices at the local salon may differ from pricesaverage prices for hair salonsin your neighborhood.

The most important thing to remember is that the price includes a lot more than we think. Even seemingly simple cuts like trims or bangs aren't as easy to do as you might think. With these services, you still pay for your stylist's time and expertise.

Are there instances where stylists charge excessive fees?

Unfortunately, in some cases, the salon may charge an additional fee depending on the texture of the hair. A common excuse is that some hair types require more products or more time to work than other hair types.

If someone tries to charge more for "textured hair rateor for other reasons that seem a little unusual, don't be afraid to ask questions, take the situation to the manager, or walk away. Stylists who charge more may also have little experience working with different hair types.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to find a stylist or barber who has good reviews and experience working with your hair type. Fortunately, there are more and more stylists who learn to work with different types of hair. There are also salons that specialize in this.natural hair.

In addition to discriminatory charges, others may raise the price due to the perceived value they add with their full experience. This can range from free drinks to in-depth consultations. It's up to you to decide if the additional costs and benefits align with your hair goals and what you value most in your visits.

We'll cover more tips later to make sure you get the most out of your cut.

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How much should I tip for a haircut?

You must leave 10 to 20 percenthair cutting tipand 15 to 25 percent whentipping the hairdresser. The best way to show your appreciation and build a relationship with them is to tip their stylist or hairdresser.

There's also a good chance the price you pay for the cut won't come back to them in full. The salon may receive some of the sales, or the stylist may only receive an hourly rate.

If you want to directly support your stylist, please leave a good tip and review. On the other hand, you can leave a smaller tip if you are not satisfied with the service provided.

How to get the best price for a haircut?

You can get the best price for your haircut by consulting stylists, promotions and prices in advance and making the most of your appointment. That extra preparation and research should help you ensure a haircut that makes you look and feel your best.

Find the right stylist

Doing your research can save you headaches.get a bad haircutand save money you would have to spend on repairs later on. Read reviews, check portfolios and ask for recommendations to make sure your stylist or barber can help you achieve the look you want.

Beware of offers

Check your stylist's review profile or social media accounts to see if they are offering any special deals or packages. You might get a better deal if you get your hair cut and colored at the same barber. Some may also offer special deals for holidays, special occasions or off-peak times.

Choose gender-neutral pricing

You can save some money on haircuts if you find a stylist who uses this.gender neutral pricing. These types of salons focus more on the time and technique required to achieve hair length regardless of gender identity.

How much does a haircut cost? Advice pricing guide (4)

Seek recommendations during consultation

A great stylist will haveconsultationwith you before starting the haircut. This is your chance to talk about what you want and hear the stylist's opinion. Sometimes they will refuse if you ask for a look that they don't like or that is difficult to maintain with their lifestyle. However, they shouldn't impose a more expensive style or cut that you don't want.

Bring inspiring photos

hairdressing conditionsand hair lingo is not easy for us. Instead, use photos of people with similar hair structure andface shapesto give the stylist the look of their dreams. This helps them understand what you want and gives them an opportunity to make suggestions.

Confirm the price before the start of the meeting

No one likes to be surprised by the final price, especially if it goes over budget. Ask your stylist or barber for the price in advance so you can ask questions or find another location that fits your budget if necessary.

Ask questions during the meeting

A visit is the best time to get advice from a stylist on styling and hair care. Since you already spend about an hour with them, take the time to ask how they style your hair and what products they recommend.

How much does a haircut cost? Advice pricing guide (5)

A good haircut is worth the money if you get the look you want. It can also save you some time if the style looks good after growing out. Now that you know how much a haircut costs in your area, what the costs are, and how to make the most of your visit, you can take the next step.

check out ourdirectory of hairdressers and hairdressersto find the person who best fits your hair goals and budget.


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