Family Restaurants in Cocoa Beach (2023)

Fun, family-friendly restaurant in Cocoa Beach

TheSpace Coast is one of the best places in Florida for families. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a frequent camper, cooking fun with the whole family is something you can count on. Cocoa Beach has several family restaurants to choose from! Here are some favorites with a few dessert spots thrown in for good measure:

long dogs

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This restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere where you can eat in their surf themed shop or on the covered terrace so you can still enjoy the beautiful Space Coast weather all year round. Their menu, which includes wings, burgers, seafood and their signature long dog, is not only kid-friendly, but for those who eat gluten-free, there are some options for you too. Long Doggers is definitely the place to go whether there's a wait or not, as you can enjoy your outdoor games while they prepare your table. You can even skip toDinosaur Shop and Museum of Ancient Cultureafter the visit.

Rock the Guac

If you're craving Mexican food, Rock the Guac is the place to be. They offer burritos, tacos and salad bowls with fresh ingredients and homemade guacamole. Expect great customer service in a lively atmosphere. Rock the Guac has a great selection of hot sauces to try, and if you're craving a little extra spice, try the habanero sauce. But do not worry; there is no shortage of water in the restaurant if needed. And if you're a fan after one bite, take home your own "Rock the Guac" gear.

4th street gas station

Here is a fun place with something for everyone on the menu! The kids' menu is made for discerning and adventurous foodies, and features favorites like PB&J, cheeseburger tacos, and even Impossible Nuggets. This imaginative gastropub's main menu is full of exciting pub fare with a Space Coast twist that will leave you wanting to come back for more. You'll definitely want to save room for dessert at the dessert bar. Homemade ice cream is served by the scoop or mixed into Monster Shakes and Sundaes that kids will love. Pro tip: you can order alcohol for yourself for just $5 more!

slow and low grill

Now, if you're looking for good barbecue, Slow and Low is your place. They are proud of their name because it accurately describes the cooking process for their meat: slow, so the meat is not cooked quickly, and the low temperature at which it is cooked. In addition to the perfectly cooked meat, they have a healthy selection of everything for Southern convenience when it comes to toppings and meat pairing options, as well as some specialty items you won't find anywhere else. They also have several kid-friendly food options and great homemade desserts so everyone can enjoy a great meal and sweet treats. Slow and Low offers live entertainment most nights and a children's night on Wednesdays.

coconuts on the beach

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What could be better than eating with the kids on the beach with stunning beach views? This fun, family-friendly, serviced restaurant is also close to downtown and everything you want in Cocoa Beach. Dine on the beach, where they have live music most nights, or in the spacious interior with a relaxed Florida atmosphere. They offer good food and, along with a kids-only section. The friendly staff will make sure your kids have fun so you can relax with a drink, enjoy a great meal and feel like you're on vacation!

Cocoa Beach Fish Camp Grill

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If Cajun food is on your Space Coast bucket list, choose Cocoa Beach Fish Camp Grill as your destination. Known for Old Florida-style dishes like crawfish, jambalaya, red beans and rice, itsmenuit also offers many more traditional dishes, so there is something for everyone. They offer gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options, as well as a fun kids' menu. Whether you eat outside or inside, the atmosphere is colorful and fun. The eclectic decor is a feast for the eyes and also makes for great photos. This place is great for families as they have a kids' playroom with giant checkers, pool tables, mini shuffleboard, and more. Get t-shirts and souvenirs directly on site. For even more pre- or post-meal fun, check outGolf N Gator, located across the street.

little turtle

The Tiny Turtle is a must stop for families. First of all, they serve breakfast. Grab some decadent waffles if you want to sit down and eat, or a breakfast taco if you need something quick before surf lessons. The lunch and dinner menus are a Puerto Rican-Caribbean fusion with a lot of Space Coast flare. Sofrito bowls, burritos, salads and empanadas are made to order, the kids' menu has adventurous and family-friendly options, and the tiki hut out back is the perfect setting for a great family meal!

Time for a sweet snack?

fat donkey

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If you are looking for an unforgettable family dessert, Burro Gordo is the ideal place for you. From ice cream and sorbet to treats and beers, there's no shortage of sweet stuff here. They even have vegan and gluten free options. And if you really want to #MakeForDonka, plan a visit and take home your own souvenir t-shirt.

An oasis of shaved ice

If you're looking for delicious crushed ice, Oasis is for you. The flavors are homemade and there is plenty to choose from. Those who stay here tend to make several trips to this place on their visit, as the atmosphere and staff are extremely inviting, plus the shaved ice is so good. This is sure to be a hit with your kids, but it might be you who want to go back for seconds, thirds, and maybe even fourths. They offer punch cards. How fast are you going to fill yours?

junk food bakery

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You'll love taking your kids to this local bakery next door to The Tiny Turtle. They bake your favorite childhood treats like Pop Tarts, Cosmic Brownies and Oatmeal Pies, but from scratch and with a delicious attitude! Grab a coffee, a piece of pancake or a macaron for the kids and walk down the memory lane.

Shark Pit Bar & Grill

Got a shark lover in your group? Then this restaurant will be a great treat. It has some impressive tanks filled with tropical fish and yes, let's say sharks! to keep the kids entertained while enjoying a delicious meal. If possible, get a table in front of a giant shark tank in the middle. But if not, don't worry. All tanks are fun and fascinating for anyone to watch. Thanks to the wide selection ofmenu, complete with a children's menu, is a great place for a casual snack where you can relax while watching the gentle movement of the tanks. It's also a great stop at the end of your trip as it's located inFirma surfingowa Cocoa Beachwhere you can buy a nice souvenir before heading back home.

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Restaurants in The Cove

Family Restaurants in Cocoa Beach (6)

For the Space Coast's freshest fish and seafood, visit The Cove in Port Canaveral. Fishing boats come every day with fresh fish. Choose from a variety of family-friendly restaurants with stunning views of the water. Some of the most popular areRusty's Bar with seafood and oysters,Grill's Seafood Deck e Tiki Bar, EUFishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill, all featuring delicious seafood, plus many non-seafood items. If you want to take fresh fish home and cook it in your holiday home, be sure to visit this restaurantwild ocean marketwhere you can choose from many local and wild fish and seafood.

These are just some of the family-friendly restaurants you can choose from when visiting Cocoa Beach. For more restaurants and things to do on the Space Coast, check out our extensive list at the links below.

So if you've never been hungry before, we hope your stomach is screaming for you to bring the family and enjoy some of our favorite spots in Cocoa Beach. Also, take some pictures and tag us on social media using #SpaceCoast to let us know which places you visited and liked.


Is Cocoa Beach family friendly? ›

Cocoa Beach is a great place to visit with kids, plus it's the closest beach to Orlando! There is so much to do in Orlando, which is why so many families make it their vacation destination. Orlando is home to every theme park, water park, and shopping center you could ever want, but it lacks one thing - the beach!

Can you go on Cocoa Beach at night? ›

An hour or so after the sun sets, the beach gets significantly empty, with visitors packing up for the day. And if you're looking for some quiet and relaxing time near the water, then you should definitely visit at night.

Is Cocoa Beach nice? ›

Cocoa Beach is one of the nicest beach towns in Florida. It's an attractive city with many positive features, including beautiful public beaches and a historic beach boardwalk and pier. Beaches in Cocoa Beach are among the most beautiful beaches in Florida.

How far is Disney from Cocoa Beach? ›

Cocoa Beach is about 70 miles from Disney and takes just around an hour to get to. I recommend leaving Disney around 7:30 AM this will allow you to avoid the Orlando rush hour. You will also arrive at the perfect time to grab breakfast or brunch at one of the many fantastic restaurants in the area.

Why is Cocoa Beach so popular? ›

Cocoa Beach is rich in surf history including producing the 11-time world surfing champion, Kelly Slater. Point of interest: Check out the world's largest surf shop and other area attractions. Check out the world's largest surf shop and other area attractions.

Can I drink beer on Cocoa Beach? ›

No Glass on the Beach – Cocoa Beach is one of the few that allows alcohol on the beach, but glass bottles are against the law.

What months can you swim at Cocoa Beach? ›

Winter ranges from mid-October to March, with January being the coldest month in the year. One of the biggest advantages of visiting Cocoa Beach during winter is the comfortable water temperature. You can easily swim on the beach even during December; the average water temperature is around 70-80°F.

Is it OK to swim in Cocoa Beach? ›

— A Swim Advisory has been issued for the following beach based on the criteria for fecal indicator bacteria: Cocoa Beach Pier.

Why is Cocoa Beach so cheap? ›

With perfect weather all year round and no state income taxes, Florida is a great place to relocate to if you want a more affordable place to live in. This is why a lot of people from the higher cost of living areas like California and New York are leaving these states in droves and moving to Florida.

What time of year is best to go to Cocoa Beach? ›

One of the best times to visit Cocoa Beach is the spring season from March to May. You can enjoy the warm weather and also participate in activities on the beach. The temperature ranges between 60 to 80 degrees during springtime, making it perfect beach weather.

Is Cocoa Beach expensive? ›

Cost of Living in Cocoa Beach, FL

The average cost of living in Cocoa Beach is $1805, which is in the top 23% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 2115th out of 9294 in our global list, 1903rd out of 2202 in the United States, and 119th out of 125 in Florida.

Is there a shuttle from Disney to Cocoa Beach? ›

Whether you're taking a cruise or visiting the Cocoa Beach area from Walt Disney World or Universal Studios, Cocoa Beach Shuttle can get you there with its professional, on-time service.

How walkable is Cocoa Beach? ›

Parts of Cocoa Beach, FL are walkable. This includes historic Cocoa Village and some of the main dining and shopping areas off of Highway A1A. In addition, most hotels in Cocoa Beach are located on the water, so you can walk the beach easily.

Can you walk around Cocoa Beach? ›

Once you reach downtown or Cocoa Village, you can find many places to go in Cocoa Beach on foot. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, entertainment options within a walking distance in the area. You will not require a car to get around.

What famous people live in Cocoa Beach? ›

Stars Who Call the Space Coast Home
  • Carrot Top. The redhead mop top legend in stand up comedy, television and film, was born in Rockledge and grew up in Cocoa, FL. ...
  • Kelly Slater. ...
  • Buzz Aldrin. ...
  • C.J. and Damien Hobgood. ...
  • Jim Rathmann. ...
  • Pat Neshek. ...
  • Bobby Dall. ...
  • Caroline Marks.
Nov 7, 2020

Is Cocoa Beach a party beach? ›

Cocoa Beach is not just for ocean lovers but also for people who want to have an excellent time. Live music parties are available on the beach, and the nightlife in this city is flourishing. In addition, this dazzling blue coast is a surfing attraction.

Can you swim with dolphins at Cocoa Beach? ›

We operate multiple tours daily through the 1,000 Islands of Cocoa Beach. This vast and rich natural mangrove habitat is located in the Banana River and is home to hundreds of dolphin, manatees, pelicans, and other native habitat.

What should I bring to Cocoa Beach? ›

Everyday Beach Essentials. Some items such as blankets, sunscreens, towels, and umbrellas are must-haves for your trip to Cocoa Beach. Of course, you can bring these along with you.

What are the rules for Cocoa Beach? ›

General Beach Rules
  • Fires are only allowed on the beach with a permit, allowed in certain areas of the City during certain times of the year. No open fires, including any type of charcoal. ...
  • No Fireworks on the beach.
  • NO Glass on the beach.
  • No Holes - for safety reasons, please do not dig large holes.
  • No camping.

Can you bring alcohol to the beach in Florida? ›

If you have an open container of alcohol or are visibly intoxicated on a beach that does not allow drinking, you could receive a misdemeanor charge. You could receive a fine of up to $250 as well as up to 90 days in jail.

Is Coco Beach clothing optional? ›

We've always encountered nude sunbathers in the section at Coco Beach and of course, those persons walking along the entire stretch of the bay. The only portion of beach that is clothing optional can be found where Club Orient is located, which is a naturist resort at the southernmost end of the bay.

What is the clearest beach in Florida? ›

Panama City Beach

These beaches are widely considered to be the clearest and pure in the country. There is nearly no river runoff in the area and the St. Andrew Bay filters much of the sediment out.

Is the water clear at Cocoa Beach? ›

Water color depends on many weather factors (wind, clouds, churning up of the water brings bottom particles up), general it's nice dark blue to turquoise in color, and semi clear at the shore/sand intersection.

What is the least crowded beach in Cocoa Beach? ›

Canaveral National Seashore, Playalinda Beach

It's one of the most beautiful, quiet beaches in Cocoa Beach to spend your time. The beachfront here is a secluded 24-mile stretch where sea and space meet.

Does Cocoa Beach have red tide? ›

16) confirmed the presence of varying levels of red tide algae, with the highest concentration off Satellite Beach and mid-levels of concentration near Cocoa and Melbourne Beach.

Are there mosquitoes in Cocoa Beach? ›

In humid and warmer areas, especially in Cocoa Beach, FL, mosquitoes flourish year‐round.

Is Cocoa Beach touristy? ›

Although touristy, this attraction draws in visitors for its fun and upbeat beach vibes. Cocoa Beach Pier is home to restaurants, bars, shops, and activities like volleyball and surfing. The family-friendly beach is wide and perfect for a classic day of sun, sea, and sand.

How far is Cocoa Beach from the ocean? ›

Within Cocoa Beach city limits you will find: 6 miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches with excellent beach access from one end of the city to the other.

Is it warm enough to swim at Cocoa Beach? ›

Today's Cocoa Beach Pier sea temperature is 80 °F.

Is the water at Cocoa Beach warm? ›

The swimming season in this location lasts all year round. Average annual water temperature on the coast in Cocoa Beach is 77°F, by the seasons: in winter 71°F, in spring 75°F, in summer 83°F, in autumn 79°F. Minimum water temperature (67°F) in Cocoa Beach it happens in February, maximum (86°F) in August.

How long is Cocoa Beach Boardwalk? ›

The Cocoa Beach boardwalk stretches 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. Besides giving you a swell view of the beach, it's brimming with shops, restaurants and boutiques.

What is the difference between cocoa and Cocoa Beach? ›

Cocoa is on the mainland with the Indian River as the eastern border, Rockledge to the south, Titusville to the north (unincorporated Cocoa-PSJ), and the St John's River to the west (again unincorporated Cocoa). The city of Cocoa Beach is a barrier island surrounded by water.

How much is Cocoa Beach entrance? ›

Daily Admission Fees
GuestCocoa Beach Resident (Valid ID Required)Non-Resident

Is Cocoa Beach saltwater? ›

Cocoa Beach offers a year round event of flats fishing, as is all of inshore saltwater fishing Florida.

Is swimming safe at Cocoa Beach? ›

— A Swim Advisory has been issued for the following beach based on the criteria for fecal indicator bacteria: Cocoa Beach Pier. At this time, there is a potential health risk to the bathing public, and swimming is not recommended.

Can you go swimming at Cocoa Beach? ›

Visitors can enjoy fishing, swimming, surfing, sunbathing and the oceanview. Open year-round, the pier has lifeguards on duty. Additional onsite amenities include volleyball courts, fresh water showers and free parking after 4 p.m. For more information about access/use, please contact 321-868-3252.

Is Cocoa Beach family-friendly during spring break? ›

Once just considered a wintertime getaway, Cocoa Beach has more than earned its status as a top-tier spring break destination. Not looking to partake in body shots and full-day beach parties? Don't fret, as there are tons of family-friendly things to do in Cocoa Beach.

Can you drink alcohol on Cocoa Beach? ›

No Glass on the Beach – Cocoa Beach is one of the few that allows alcohol on the beach, but glass bottles are against the law. No Animals on the Beach – not even on a leash! The penalty is a fine.

Is Cocoa Beach crowded? ›

Cocoa Beach is really beautiful. The key is that it feels not crowded, because it is not the popular net red beach, so there are not many tourists, so it feels more comfortable and comfortable, and it is very pleasant to sunbathe.

Is Cocoa Beach affordable? ›

The median home sales price in Cocoa Beach FL is at the lower range of $300,000 which is cheaper compared to other areas out of state.

Is Disney too crowded during spring break? ›

Spring break may seem like the best time to visit Disney World, but the parks are extra crowded. There are lines to get into the park, ride the attractions, and get quick-service food. The airport is also extra crowded during spring break, which adds another layer of stress for us.


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