Best Aftercare Clinic Delray Beach, Florida | Emergency care by Dr. G (2023)

Best Aftercare Clinic Delray Beach, Florida | Emergency care by Dr. G (1)

Out-of-hours counseling isprompt servicewhich provides medical care outside of normal office hours. Availability of out-of-hours clinicsmain featuresfor people with illnesses or injuries that require immediate attention. They can also provide routine medical care to patients whose schedules don't allow them to see a doctor during regular hours.

Balancing your health with your schedule shouldn't be a hassle. Emergency Care Clinic G's specializes in emergency care services and the treatment of injuries and illnesseswithout having to make an appointment.We also offer physical exams, occupational medicine and urgent pediatric care. We believe that it shouldn't be difficult to get the necessary medical help, even in the processafternoons and weekends. Our locations are open7 days a week, 12 hours a day.ForMore informationcall us today at(561) 330-9363.

The Doctor. G's has five locations to conveniently serve South Florida, includingdelray beach,coral springs,deerfield beach,Fort Lauderdale, EULake Warte.


  • 1 About after-hours care
    • 1.1 Clinics Outside G Hours:
  • 2 Convenient care and other services
  • 3 Urgent or Urgent?
  • 4 Wellness is always urgent!
  • 5 services offered after hours
  • 6 How to start your visit
  • 7 How much does after-hours care cost in South Florida?
  • 8 frequently asked questions
    • 8.1 What is the difference between an emergency room and an after-work clinic?
    • 8.2 What kind of services do intensive care clinics offer?
    • 8.3 Can I see a doctor in an emergency or just nurses?
    • 8.4 Do I need to make an appointment outside office hours?
    • 8.5 What if I don't have insurance? Can I still go to the emergency room?
  • 9 References

About after-hours care

Life doesn't just happen from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. But unfortunately, most doctors' offices are only open on weekdays and at times when most people are work or at school.

Best Aftercare Clinic Delray Beach, Florida | Emergency care by Dr. G (2)

Clearly, patients need an alternative to the limited hours of traditional physicians' offices, clinics and urgent care centers like Dr. G, they arechaff no lawn!The study found that visits to these types of surgeries quadrupled between 2007 and 2009, to about 6 million visits this year. Almost half of these visits werew weekendor during weekday work hours when doctors' offices are usually closed.(1)

Even if you have insurance and a primary care provider and can fit an appointment into your day, it can take weeks to get an appointment. This can make taking care of your health a frustrating task that can jeopardize other responsibilities and liabilities.

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But those who needimmediate medical carecan still be seen at an urgent care center that offers after-hours care like Dr. G's!

Clinics of Dr. G's after hours:

  • They are open longer, on weekends and/or holidays
  • Can offer a shorter wait time than an ambulance
  • Provide faster access to a doctor
  • No meeting required
  • Perform lab tests and other on-site diagnostic services
  • Lower co-payment or final cost than ambulance

Convenient care and other services

But a visit to the doctor is often just the first step in taking care of your health.

You may need additional tests, X-rays or a prescription, which may involve additional visits, extended layoffs and rescheduling.Not at Dr. G!We also offer these services withextended hoursso that you can take care of all aspects of your health issues. No need to make an appointment or run all over town.

To quickly diagnose and treat non-fatal illnesses and injuries, the Dr. gX ray,laboratories, EUelectrocardiogramright in our facilities. we also providevaccines,specialist services in gynecology,Angry STD, and more. If you are getting tested or need a routine medical service like a Pap smear or vaccination, after-hours services at Dr. G's Urgent Care can give you the chance to finally take care of yourself in the place that works best for you.

Urgency or emergency?

You shouldn't choose between health and finance.

The Emergency Service of Dr. G offers extended hours that allow you to see a doctor without an appointment and without an expensive emergency room visit.

While the emergency room may seem like the fastest way to heal, urgent care centers like ours offer many of the same services that larger medical facilities offer.

Our after-hours services can help you avoid a trip to the emergency room when you have an urgent problem, butit is not life threateningsymptoms and conditions.

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A recent study found that nearly 30% of emergency room visits may have been handled by a primary care physician or urgent care center.(2)That said, urgent care is not intended to be or emergency situations.

Go to the emergency room immediately if you experience:

  • Bleeding that won't stop
  • Chest pain or stroke
  • seizures
  • severe burns
  • Sudden loss or change of vision
  • Breathing problems
  • Cramping or labor during pregnancy

Wellness is always urgent!

Best Aftercare Clinic Delray Beach, Florida | Emergency care by Dr. G (3)

The Doctor. G's are for you when you can't go to your regular doctor and you don't need to go to the hospital. Referring to urgent care when you're not feeling well can keep your loved ones and your community at baysafe and healthy.When it comes to sick babies and young children, it is very important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

And while some symptoms may seem like obvious indicators of a specific illness, they can also be misleading. it is important to researchprofessional medical carein a timely manner to know exactly what is affecting you or your child's health. Avoid allowing the disease or condition to develop. Undiagnosed and misdiagnosed problems often lead tomore serious cases.

Out of hours services

Beyond our carededicated doctors, nurses and staffwhen visiting Dr. G's will have access to the following services:

  • COVID tests
  • Blood count
  • STD testing and consulting
  • women's health services
  • pediatric services
  • Pharmacy on site
  • digital x-rays
  • electrocardiogram
  • Vaccines, including the flu shot
  • Physical
  • IV fluids and medications
  • ear wash
  • Respiratory treatments
  • wound healing

How to start your visit

Dr G's offers its patients quality care and convenience. Youyou don't need a meetingand even streamline online check-in prior to your arrival.

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Just fill in the interactivepatient registration formand deliver it to our office. It will help you get noticed even faster!

Best Aftercare Clinic Delray Beach, Florida | Emergency care by Dr. G (4)

sometimes just physicallyGo to the doctorit's the hardest part. We now offer virtual consultations so our patients can see their healthcare professionals from the comfort of their own home. Then,Apteka Dr. Gcan deliver your medication directly to you so you don't have to leave the house. Please call to arrange this at (561) 330-9363.

We will verify your insurance and collect your surcharge over the phone. One of our employees will triage by analyzing yourMedical historyand check your medications.

So one of ourcompassionate providerwill hold a video call with you via smartphone or tablet to discuss your condition.

How much does after-hours care cost in South Florida?

G Urgent Care Centers can offer fast and convenient treatment at a price of approx.a small factiontravel expenses to the emergency room. we offerquality of careand accepts multiple insurance plans. In addition to the treatment of diseases, we also act in the treatment of injuries, we offer Covid tests, X-rays, diagnostic services and occupational medicine. Keep an eye onour specialties!We accept all major credit cards and patients canpay bills onlinewith the click of a button. For more information about the costs of the visit, what insurance we accept and what surcharge to expect,give ourphone officeand one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Common questions

What is the difference between an ER and an after-hours clinic?

Both the emergency room and emergency rooms with extended opening hours (on-call clinics) allow patients to benefit from rapid care without an appointment. However, emergency rooms are equipped to deal with serious and life-threatening injuries and illnesses. Urgent care centers can treat a variety of conditions that, while painful or distressing, are not life-threatening and do not require a formal hospital stay. Urgent care clinics are usually a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit and can have wait times comparable to those seeking medical attention.

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What services do emergency room clinics offer?

Emergency clinics offer many of the same services that large medical facilities offer. X-rays, diagnostic services, Covid testing, occupational medicine, and treatment of injuries and illnesses are available without an appointment at many urgent care centers.

Can I see a doctor in an emergency or just nurses?

Critical care clinics have one or more attending physicians, as well as attending physicians and nurses.

Do I need to make an after-hours appointment at the clinic?

NO. If you are unable to make an appointment with your primary care physician or you have urgent symptoms that simply cannot wait, you can go to an after-hours emergency room clinic for treatment. As always, for life-threatening injuries or illnesses, call 911 or go directly to the emergency room.

What if I don't have insurance? Can I still go to the emergency room?

Urgent care clinics allow people without health insurance to receive treatment and pay out-of-pocket. Most emergency medicine clinics accept some form of insurance, in which case the insured patient is only responsible for the copayment.

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  1. Mehrotra A, Lave JR. Visits to retail outpatient clinics quadrupled between 2007 and 2009, although their share of outpatient visits remains low. Health matters. 2012;31(9):2123-2129.doi:10.1377/hlthaff.2011.1128
  2. Weinick RM, Burns RM, Mehrotra A. Many emergency department visits may be performed in urgent care centers and retail clinics. Health matters. 2010;29(9):1630-1636.doi:10.1377/hlthaff.2009.0748


How do I make my urgent care successful? ›

Blueprint for a Successful Urgent Care – A Physician's...
  1. Don't skimp on the facility design and upkeep. ...
  2. Avoid wait times. ...
  3. Provide ancillary services. ...
  4. Call every patient after their visit, listen to their feedback, and be prepared to act on it.
  5. Maintain a strong social media presence and loyalty program.

How much is urgent care in Florida? ›

The average cost of an urgent care visit is $100 – $150. Your cost may be higher or lower depending on your insurance coverage and whether you've met your deductible for the year, your copay, and your coinsurance amount.

What time of day is best to go to urgent care? ›

Midday is the best time to go to the urgent care

Wait times are often longer in the early morning and around dinnertime since most people tend to go to urgent care right before or after work or school. Before you leave, check wait times for Allina Health Urgent Care locations.

What is the busiest day of the week for urgent care? ›

Urgent care clinics tend to be busiest during the evenings and weekends, when primary care offices are closed. Insurance and Payment Processing: The time it takes to process insurance claims and payments can also impact wait time.

What do you say to get seen faster in an emergency room? ›

"I would start by saying to the triage nurse, 'I know that you are busy, and I need one minute of your time.

Is urgent care free in the US? ›

Yes, your health insurance plan typically covers the cost of medical services at an urgent care facility, but you pay more or all of the costs if the urgent care center isn't in your plan's provider network.

What is the best time to go to the ER? ›

When to go to the emergency room
  • Severe physical trauma, such as that caused by a car accident.
  • Suicidal or homicidal feelings.
  • Loss of consciousness (fainting) if it happened because of an injury or causes an injury.
  • Severe abdominal pain: especially with fever.
  • Sudden and severe headache: The worst headache of your life.

What are the slowest times in an urgent care? ›

First thing in the morning can also be busy, as people who've been suffering during the overnight hours come in to seek care. You'll usually have the shortest wait time during mid-day, when there are typically less patients seeking care. So if your condition allows you to do so, wait until then to go.

What is the best day to go to the hospital? ›

On Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, coinciding with Aswini, Hasta, Chitra, or Punarvasu are considered the best days for starting medication, especially to cure recurring fever and other diseases. You should note that your ailment can get worse if you have fallen ill on certain Nakshatras viz.

What are the least busy times to go to the ER? ›

Least busy hours The best hours to visit an emergency room for far less urgent medical conditions according to a recent study, are between 6 am and noon. During these hours, most hospitals don't have as many patients waiting in line and you are guaranteed to get quality medical care.

Why are urgent cares so cold? ›

To ensure that the blood is kept safe until it is used, the Emergency Room and storage room temperatures are kept low. Other than administering disinfectants to patients, the cold temperatures also help in preventing the growth of bacteria in patients' wounds.

What is the busiest day of the week for doctors? ›

Dreaded day of the week for an appointment: Tuesday. It's the busiest with the longest delays. Don't know why. Best day for a last-minute visit: Monday.

How profitable is urgent care business? ›

The urgent care market will reach around $48 billion in revenue this year, a 21% increase from 2019, estimates IBISWorld.

What is urgent care best described as care? ›

"Urgent Care" is best described as care: provided on a walk-in, extended-hour basis for acute illness and injury that is either beyond the scope of or availability of a primary care practice or retail clinic. The predominant services of local public health departments today are: child and adult immunizations.

How many urgent care centers are there in the US? ›

According to data from Definitive Healthcare's ClinicView product, there are about 10,800 active urgent care clinics across the U.S. Below, we've listed the 10 states with the most urgent care clinics per capita.

Who uses urgent care centers the most? ›

Women (32.3%) were more likely than men (26.0%) to have had one or more urgent care center or retail health clinic visits in the past 12 months. This pattern was also seen for any visit and when broken down by number of visits. Among men, 15.1% had one visit, 7.4% had two visits, and 3.4% had three or more visits.

Who owns most urgent cares? ›

In 2019, 40% of urgent-care clinics were owned at least in part by hospitals, although that's likely higher today, and 35% by corporate entities such as insurers, according to the Urgent Care Association, a trade group that represents the sector.

What is the most profitable medical? ›

What are the highest-paying doctor jobs? Neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, and general surgeons are the highest-paid doctors. According to Payscale, neurosurgeons earned an average annual salary of $421,000 as of March 2023. Anesthesiologists made an average of $322,980, while general surgeons earned $296,000.

What time of day is slowest at the ER? ›

Early morning hours, such as 3 or 4 a.m., are known for being the least busy in most hospital emergency rooms. Dr. Mudgil also warns, "There is a shift change (usually around 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.) where the doctors and nursing staff change. This can also cause delays in being seen."

What classifies a patient as urgent? ›

If you have a minor illness or injury that can't wait until tomorrow, Urgent Care is the way to go. Also, it is a good option if you have illnesses or injuries without other symptoms, or if you do not have other underlying health conditions. For example, an earache can easily be treated in Urgent Care.

Can urgent care put in a catheter? ›

All of our MD Now clinics are equipped to provide the same basic non-surgical procedures that you might find in a primary care facility. For example, we can assist with catheterization and wound care.

What are other names for urgent care? ›

Other names for similar types of facilities include but are not limited to after hours walk-in clinics, minute clinics, quick care clinics, minor emergency centers, and minor care clinics.

What is the difference between urgent and emergent? ›

As a general rule, emergent services do not require health plan authorization before the service is rendered. On the other hand, urgent services may require authorization; especially, if the service is to be performed by an out of network provider.

What is the #1 medical center in the US? ›

World's Best Hospitals 2023
RankPublication NameCity
1Mayo Clinic - RochesterRochester
2Cleveland ClinicCleveland
3Massachusetts General HospitalBoston
4The Johns Hopkins HospitalBaltimore
68 more rows

What is the busiest ER in the US? ›

Parkland Health and Hospital System in Dallas reported the most emergency department visits in 2021, according to figures compiled by Becker's. Totals represent the number of emergency department visits tallied for a single facility, rather than total ED visits for a whole health system.

What are the largest free clinics in the US? ›

We spend three days inside CommunityHealth in Chicago—the largest free health clinic in the country, which serves only people without insurance. Free clinics have only been around in the United States starting in the 1960s and 1970s.


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